Stones in the Road: Photographs of Peru by Nubar Alexanian




Stones In The Road: Photographs of Peru by Nubar Alexanian is an intimate vision of the Andean culture and people of Peru.

48 beautifully reproduced black & white images  |   Hardbound  |  Signed by the Author


 ”I believe we, reportage photographers of the human condition, have a moral duty to get as close as we can to the people we photograph and to draw attention to all the dignity in the world, as Nubar Alexanian has managed to do so well in this book. It gave me immense pleasure to see my Latin-American people portrayed with so much tenderness.” Sebastiao Salgado

 ”…an authentic expression of our geography and our people making at the same time a personal statement which is artistically original and morally compelling.” Mario Vargas Llosa

”For the lover of peopled enigmas and tonally rich photos splashed big across two pages, this book is a find, a breath of contemplative art in a fast-forward video world. Alexanian’s pictures are metaphors. Read them like poems.” The Boston Globe

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Dimensions 10 × 12 in