Science All Around Us: Episode One

Science All Around Us is an educational series that will inspire kids and adults to learn science by venturing out into the world and experiencing all of what the world has to offer.

The series will help reinvigorate a love for learning within children by showing them a world of science through the eyes of a very special boy, Collin Keegan. In each of the fifteen to twenty-minute cinema vérité-style episodes, Collin will explore various scientific topics. At the beginning of each episode, Collin will encounter a common, everyday problem, which he will solve creatively using scientific principles and concepts. One of our main goals is to demystify science and math in an entertaining and cooperative way so kids will feel inspired to discover new ways of thinking and interacting with science and math. Our target age group is 7 to 12 years old, but the show is also intended to appeal to teenagers and adults alike. Our series is a modern-day “Voyage of the Mimi” sans actors. “Science All Around Us” is a revolutionary series because it is a show created by and starring an amazing young boy.

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