Finding Armenia Trailer

We study history as a series of discrete events, but colonial power moves through time — an insidious weave that instigates continuums of erasure. Now, just as Nubar has finished a documentary film on the Armenian genocide of 1915, which displaced his grandparents, Armenians are once again being violently persecuted in Azerbaijan. And the international apathy of over a century ago persists.  

Campaigns to destroy, displace, and fracture create invisibility, but they can only be effective if the rest of the world remains complicit. “What would it feel like to heal our invisibility? To take up space? To shout?” For Nubar: “It would feel like a shift in the earth’s tilt.”  

To tend to a generational fracture means to move toward a new wholeness. It means the right of return. It means the right of memory. It means international community — global solidarity. And in the face of the concurrent atrocities occurring today, this wholeness is something we must demand for all peoples.   

Recipe For Disaster

Recipe For Disaster is the story of an ecological catastrophe in the making in four neighboring towns on the Massachusetts coast. As native scallops, mussels, clams, and protective eelgrass disappear under the explosive invasion of green crabs, scientists, local experts, and residents are scrambling to save the marsh from decimation.