Walker Creek Media is the production company founded by Nubar Alexanian, an acclaimed and prolific photojournalist and filmmaker who has worked for magazines in the U.S & Europe for many years including The New York Times Magazine, Life, Fortune, Geo, Time & Newsweek, National Geographic and many others. He’s also produced & directed long and short-form videos for organizations and companies such as Bose Corporation, American Express, The Conversation Project, Aberdeen Home Care, Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archive, EcoTensil and others.

We produce short documentaries that bring together great journalistic instincts for stories and a finely honed visual style with high production values. Because we deliberately work with a small crew on location, intimacy is a prominent part of everything we do and what makes Walker Creek Media stand apart from others. The results are beautiful, moving, sometimes funny short docs that are a combination of a true documentary style and strong promotional impact. This combination is what makes Walker Creek Media so relevant to today’s media needs.

We have a music video in pre-production and new client projects currently in production. Have a look at our work: 

Calling All Chefs
Recipe for Disaster
Wind Power

Walker Creek Media Team

P.H. O’Brien, DP – has had a long career of shooting and producing documentary films and TV shows. Among P.H.’s many director-of-photography/producer credits are Steve James’ (Hoop Dreams) Reel Paradise, Head Games and THE WAR TAPES (best documentary, Tribeca 2006).  He shot and produced Bad Voodoo’s War for Frontline on PBS, the MTV show How’s Your News? and recently, Earth Made of Glass for HBO which was nominated for a producers guild award and winner of a 2012 Peabody Award.  His latest documentary Six Days to Air… the making of South Park was nominated for an Emmy.

Sabrina Zanella-Foresi, Editor – has worked since 2001 as a feature-length documentary editor. Her editing credits include: Henry Ford, directed by Sarah Colt (PBS American Experience, 2012); Photographic Memory, directed by Ross McElwee (2011); Animas Perdidas (Lost Souls), directed by Monika Navarro (LINCS, 2009); The Truth About Cancer, directed by Linda Garmon (WGBH, 2008); For the Love of Movies, directed by Gerald Peary (2008); Shadow of the House: Photographer Abelardo Morell, directed by Allie Humenuk (2007); Twisted, directed by Laurel Chiten (ITVS, PBS Independent Lens, 2007) and The Rise and Fall of Penn Station,  directed by Randall MacLowry for American Experience (2014)

Ian Hatton, Music Composition – has been composing, performing, and producing music for 30 years he was the driving force within numerous bands, such as “Bonham”, who went Gold with their debut album. He has performed with many artists, including Robert Plant’s Honeydrippers, Paul Rodgers & Company and Sarah Brightman to name a few. Ian progressed into Production, Film & TV music composition, and Sound Design. He scored “West of Thunder” which has won numerous awards on the film festival circuit, “The Fence” a short film as well as many shows for PBS from “Wayne Dyer” to recently working on the much-acclaimed British TV Series “Doc Martin”. He also spent 5 years as a consultant for Bose Corporation, writing and producing many 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound projects.


“I want to work for you guys – Your team does great work!  Sort-of just kidding but what you do meshes so tightly with my feelings about good documentary work – you’re great.  Wish I had a Rockefeller in my background so I could send you a big check!  If you ever need a “free” well equipped grip/photographer or any help in the Washington DC area give me a call.” – Cheers  MG

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Nubar on many challenging, high-visibility creative projects. At the concept development stage, he’s a veritable fountain of striking, original ideas. In production, he’s a master at creating effective, elegant visuals. And on a team, his enthusiasm for doing exceptional work – and his personal fearlessness in its pursuit — inspires others to reach for their best. The high quality and distinctive nature of Nubar’s visuals served not only to convey the message at hand but also to beautifully exemplify the character of our company.” – Bob Petrucci, Marketing Communications Executive, Retired

“I work with Nubar both as a media director and business adviser.  His charisma and wit makes our work together both highly enjoyable, as well as highly productive. He has his finger on the pulse of what is most relevant, has great ideas and makes things happen. Of course his adaptable talent in both cinematography and photographs, and his ability to bring out the best in his crew makes him someone I would hire and recommend without a second thought.”  – Peggy Cross, Founder, CEO of EcoTensil Inc

“Nubar has a sensitive and skillful eye for seeing people through a camera lens and capturing something essential about them on video. He created warm portraits of each of the featured speakers sitting in their offices at Bethel AME, Old South Church, and Temple Israel as they spoke of the impact The Conversation Project  is having and can have on how people meet the challenge of talking about their mortality. Nubar also has a storyteller’s ear. At the end of a long day of filming the interviews, he had more than 100 minutes of video footage that now had to be edited down to just 3 minutes to make a short, clear, and attention-holding program.” –  Reverend Rosemary Lloyd, The Conversation Project


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