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Recipe For Disaster: Green Crabs in The Great Marsh

COMING SOON!! A few years ago, exploding populations of the invasive green crab began to pose a serious threat to the ecology of the New England coast. These small, tough critters wiped out acres of mussel colonies, reduced the soft-shell clam harvests by about thirty percent, mowed down eelgrass (a vital nursery for many kinds of finfish), while at the same time destabilizing the marsh banks with their burrows. In an effort to mitigate the green crab’s catastrophic invasion, many environmental agencies have poured assets into removal efforts, paying fishermen to trap crabs for compost. Others have a different idea: Cuisine! “Let’s eat the roe from the female green crabs. It’s delicious!”

As the water temperatures in the Gulf of Maine continue to rise, green crab populations are increasing to a point where there are now “millions and millions of them in the marsh” as one Shellfish Constable put it. Recipe For Disaster is a short documentary film that tells the story of the Great Marsh and the little-known invasion that’s been underway for the past few years. Shooting from Essex, Ipswich, Gloucester, Plum Island and Rowley, Massachusetts, we see the beauty of the marsh from the air, the delicacy of the eelgrass moving with the tides and the menacing crabs devouring everything in their path. We meet the people who work diligently to keep pressure on the crab population by trapping them, while others are investigating culinary opportunities and the folks who re-plant the ever-important eelgrass throughout this magnificent estuary that has taken Mother Nature thousands of years to create.

Our goal is to produce Recipe For Disaster and submit it to online outlets for broadcast.

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Running Time: 12-15 minutes

Format: Interviews and Verité style footage

Release Date: Spring 2018

Science All Around Us: Episode One

Science All Around Us: Episode One from Walker Creek Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Science All Around Us is an educational series that will inspire kids and adults to learn science by venturing out into the world and experiencing all of what the world has to offer. The series will help reinvigorate a love for learning within children by showing them a world of science through the eyes of a very special boy, Collin Keegan. Continue reading

Scars of Silence

Scars Of Silence

Scars Of Silence

This provocative 60-minute personal documentary reveals both the effects of the genocide on a contemporary Armenian family, and the ways that the persecution of the Armenian people continues to be perpetuated today. The Turkish Government still denies the staggering act of inhumanity perpetrated against the Armenians, and American history books and media outlets have barely touched upon the complexities of what happened 100 years ago and its continuing effects – both psychological and political. Scars of Silence will provide a timely and thought provoking personal account of what it means to be Armenian today, and how Armenians’ identity and moral place in the world has been profoundly changed.

See Feature Film Trailer: Scars of Silence

Calling All Chefs

When a bar & grill owner posted an ad on Craigslist for a new cook, he never expected a two star Michelin chef from Italy. from Walker Creek Media, LLC on Vimeo.

When a bar & grill owner posted an ad on Craigslist for a new cook, he never expected a two star Michelin chef from Italy. from Walker Creek Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Twenty-nine year old Michael Magner, owner of a sub shop and pizzeria, decided to open an authentic Italian restaurant in Beverly, Massachusetts. He needed a chef. Paolo Laboa, a two star Michelin chef, had just moved to Massachusetts with his wife and children from San Francisco. This award-winning chef couldn’t find a job anywhere in the Boston area. Calling All Chefs is the story of the improbable meeting of these two men and the magic they created.–Nubar Alexanian

Wind Power

In the first four years of President Barack Obama’s administration, electricity genereated from wind and solar power more than doubled. In 2012 alone, 13 Gigawatts of wind energy came online in the U.S.–the equivalent output of 6 Hoover Dams.

Musically Speaking II

This is a piece we did for the non-profit division of a high end audio company. It’s a short doc about the language of music produced to inspire middle school students to find their own voice in the world of music. Shot in HD and recorded in surround, the original Musically Speaking was translated into 30 languages and we expect this version to be well on it’s way. We worked with an extremely talented team of musicians, composer, audio engineers of the highest caliber. Nubar’s role: Creative Director & Director/DP.